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Web Design and Management

Exercise #5

Please don't publish this! Show it to me on your machine from your drive.

This exercise uses the following: Photoshop (text, save for web, free transform, creating images to size) and Dreamweaver (layout in divs, styling using ids).

Recreate www.midwinterbluegrass.com/artists.html, with the following modifications:

Use only the top four images in the left and right sidebar. Most of these images are provided for you. Web images go in your images folder, and original, non-compressed images go in the source_files folder.

Use text for middle section provided in text file on Y: drive.

You will need to:

Remember that when you define your site-- your exercises folder is the local root folder.

Create Midwinter logo with star in Photoshop. Font is Impact. Image is 475x88 pixels. Choose appropriate font size and tracking values in Photoshop. Save in an appropriate format in your images directory.

Save "Bluegrass Festival" part of logo in appropriate compressed format.

Download Chris Jones and FY5 promo photos from her their web sites, crop, size correctly and save in appropriate format. Make them the same size as the other photos.

Make links to "#". Please do not link to the live sites.

Lay out in divs and style using ids in a linked style sheet.

Use Droid Sans and Droid Serif as I did.

Preview in Firefox, Chrome and Explorer.

Please don't publish this! Show it to me on your machine from your drive.