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JTC 372

Web Design and Management

Weekly Schedule

Class schedule will be developed during the course of the semester. I will keep the schedule 1-2 weeks in advance of the current class.



Week 1


Assignment due


Jan 15


No Class. University Holiday.

Jan 17


First day of class

Course introduction.

Information sheets.

Project examples.

Project ideas assignment.

Week 2


Assignment due


Jan 22

Turn in two project ideas.

Read Rolling out the mobile-friendly update

Read HTML Naming Conventions and File Management

Read Web File Organization and Naming Conventions

Set up web publishing.

Definitions, file management and naming conventions lecture.

HTML overview and group exercise.

Test publishing.

Jan 24



Review project ideas individually.

Dreamweaver interface introduction. Site layout and management. New pages, previewing, and uploading.

Week 3


Assignment due


Jan 29

Read Image Types and Usage in Web Design

Photoshop review.

Photoshop exercise.

Jan 31


Read Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) lecture.

CSS Box Model.

Week 4


Assignment due


Feb 5

View Simple 1-Column CSS Layout.

Read Understanding Your Web Audience

Read Standardizing CSS class and id names

Audience analysis lecture.

Layout Exercise #1


Feb 7





Layout Exercise #2

Week 5


Assignment due


Feb 12

Turn in Web site proposal and user analysis.

Read Simple 2 column CSS layout


Work through 2-column example.

HTML/CSS: Styling lists

Responsive design strategy #1: Size with percentages and max-width. Example.

Exercise #3.

Feb 14


Read Web Style Guide: Typography (whole section)

Read Clearing Floats

Optional: Simple Tips on Containing Floats

Optional: Slash Page Load Times with CSS Font Subsetting

Reference: www.cssfontstack.com

Reference: Better CSS Font Stacks

Web typography lecture.

CSS: Alternatives to Floats for multiple columns



Week 6


Assignment due


Feb 19

Read How to Create Web Content That Works.

Read How We Read Online

Read Writing Great Alt Text

Web content lecture.

CSS: Background images

Review: Containing floats, Flexbox alternative, styling lists

CSS: Centering

Begin Exercise #4

Feb 21


Read Seven Steps to Easier Web Navigation.

Read Where Am I?


Navigation lecture.

Equal columns hack examples.

Finish Exercise #4.

Week 7


Assignment due


Feb 26

Simple 3 column CSS layout

3-column layout.

Photoshop: PNG-24

Begin Exercise #5.

Feb 28


Preliminary Content assignment

Responsive design tip #2: Size images with percentages and height: auto.

CSS: Classes, Hover, more on Flexbox

Finish Exercise #5.

Week 8


Assignment due


March 5


CSS: Block vs. Inline, Hover

Finish Exercise #5.

Begin Exercise #6.

March 7



Open lab 1-7 pm.

Finish exercises.