CSU Ram's Head

Course Project

In this course, you will develop a web site project. This web site must be for an organization. Organizations must be real or one that will actually be established. Personal web pages will not be acceptable for a project in this course. If you have an alternate idea for a project to present information on a topic, please see me. Be advised that I will take a highly skeptical approach based on previous experience teaching this course.

In previous semesters teaching this course, I have come to expect a very high standard for both design and content in the final projects. Many of the best projects in this course approach professional standards. You will need to carefully choose an appropriate project that has sufficient depth of content without being overwhelming. Ideally, you site should have 6-8 pages of content.

Students are encouraged to pick a subject for their project that has personal relevance to themselves. Special encouragment is given to selection of projects that reflect personal experience, entreprenurial efforts and diversity.

Some important guidelines:

  1. You must have the right to use the content for your project, and be prepared to demonstrate this if asked.
  2. You have to do the layout on your own, without the use of templates, frameworks or cut/pasted code that did not originate with the course material.
  3. It is acceptable and even encouraged that you have a web site with back end programming, but your site will be evaluated on its front end layout, not its back end complexity.