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Ben O'Connor is a contract web designer/developer. He has developed dozens of web sites for corporate clients. In addition to his contract work, Ben worked for a startup internet company, Cybercrop.com, and assisted in the development of an agribusiness web-based trading application.

Ben is intimately familiar with design concepts, graphic design and optimization, Cascading Style Sheets and coding in HTML. He also has extensive experience in developing database-driven sites using Lucee, PHP and MySQL, and in administering web servers using Apache.

Some recent web sites Ben has worked on:

Ben is also a working musician who plays 80-100 dates in an average year in the Rocky Mountain region.


970-988-4290 (cell)

Office Hours: By Appointment

Lab Hours:

Mondays (virtual), 2 - 6 pm, via Zoom or alternative

Wednesdays, 1 - 6:40 pm, Clark C235

Fridays, 11:15 am - 1 pm, Clark C235 by appointment, or via Zoom

Course Web site: www.jtc372.net