CSU Ram's Head

Grading Rubric for final project

Content (5 points)

5 points (Superior)

  • 6+ pages of original, well-prepared content
  • Mix of images, text and possibly multi-media
  • Images clear and relevant
  • Text well-written, at appropriate level
  • Good grammar/spelling

4 points (Good)

  • 4-5 pages, but still high quality as above
  • Or, issues with image preparation, text, grammar, spelling, etc.

3 points (Acceptable)

  • Quality and quantity issues with above

1-2 points

  • Severe quality/quantity issues

Design (5 points)

5 points (Superior)

  • Strong evidence of conformance with design concepts such as alignment, balance, contrast, consistency, etc.
  • Not busy but not rudimentary
  • HTML and CSS code passes validation
  • Responsive design as follows:
    • Passes Google Mobile-Friendly Test
    • Contains at least one media query related to screen width.
    • Makes a substantial design change between desktop and mobile layout
    • Has mobile-friendly navigation.

4 points (Excellent)

  • As above but does not meet responsive specifications

3 points (Acceptable)

  • Issue with one or more design concepts, plus does not meet mobile specifications

1-2 points

  • Severe design issues