CSU Ram's Head

Preliminary Design/User Test Report

Report content

For the preliminary design, provide a URL and a list of the pages so I can view the current state of your site. At least five pages must have a complete design and all the content.

Reminder: I will not accept any assignment that shows evidence of the use of templates, frameworks or cut/pasted code that did not originate with the course material.

Most students use an Excel spreadsheet to check the below criteria for each page, and hand that in along with the list of pages.

You will be evaluated on the conformance of your site to the usability principles we've discussed in class. If you believe that you have good reason to not conform with one or more of the below criteria, please note your reasoning in your report.

Your project will be graded on the following criteria:

  • Images in appropriate formats, sized appropriately, optimized
  • Alt text on image where appropriate, per formula
  • Appropriate font stacks (screen friendly typefaces with fallbacks)
  • Minimum text size 1 em (16 px)
  • Appropriate contrast and readable text
  • Left-aligned body text
  • Logo is link to home page (you can have a dummy home page if you haven't designed the page yet)
  • Clear navigation system that works for the pages you're showing me
  • Styles contained in a separate, linked style sheet
  • Appropriate use of CSS rules (e.g., IDs used once per page)
  • Conforming file and directory names
  • Home page named index.html or equivalent
  • Clear structure of content in appropriate subdirectories (e.g., an images directory for your images, or something more complex if your site is more complex)
  • Has clear, concise, unique page title per formula
  • Appropriate Download Time for Desktop (First Contentful Paint < 2s and Speed Index < 4.3s), or justify not meeting this guideline. Use PageSpeed Insights to test.