CSU Ram's Head


Head and body

  • <head> Not displayed. Contains links to style sheets, title, etc.
  • <body> Contains all content in the document

Text tags (block)

  • <p> Paragraph
  • <h1>--<h6> Header (bold, larger)

Lists (block)

  • <ul> Unordered list (bullets)
  • <ol> Ordered list (numbers)
  • <li> List item

Table (block)

  • <table> Main table tag
  • <tr> Table row
  • <td> Table cell

Image (inline)

  • <img>
    • Example: <img src="path-to-image-here">

Link (inline)

  • <a>
    • Example: <a href="path-to-link-here">

Containers (block)

  • <div> Generic container for content
  • <header> Top of page container, separated from body text
  • <nav> Contains set of navigation links
  • <main> Contains content related to central topic of document
  • <aside> Content related to but not the main intent of page
  • <footer> Bottom of page container for copyright, contact info, et. al.

Text tags (inline)

  • <strong> Bolds text by default
  • <em> Makes text italic by default