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Layout Exercise #2

In class, create the page shown below in HTML and and apply CSS styles as appropriate. When you are done, publish it to the web server and show it to me online for credit.

See below to download several files you will need to complete the exercise.

Exercise #1 Screenshot


Use the following files:

Right click each of the following two images and save into /exercises/images.

Skylark Lounge Logo

C'Mon In Sign



  1. This layout is 760px wide.
  2. Use your completed Layout Exercise #1 as a reference if necessary.
  3. Like Exercise #1, it has four containers: a header, a nav, a div with id="content", and a footer.
  4. Use HTML Reference and CSS Reference if necessary.
  5. In Brackets, start with a blank document and save it into /exercises as ex2.html.
  6. Use Blank HTML5 Page to create a valid HTML5 document. Set the style sheet to be css/ex2-style.css in the box that says What is the URL of your style sheet?. Paste the generated code into your blank HTML document.
  7. In Brackets, save a blank style sheet into /css with the name ex2-style.css.
  8. Use Blind Text Generator to create your dummy text. Make sure it's different from mine.
  9. Set font-family: Georgia, serif; in an appropriate CSS rule.
  10. Publish when you are done, verify, and submit the URL in the Canvas assignment.